Equipo 3D-DIANA

The 3DI-DIANA Team is working in 3D interaction and User Experience in Virtual Environments since 2004. They aim at the study and development of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), and especially Virtual Reality (VR) interaction techniques. More specific, Research expertise and interest include:

  • 3D audio spatialisation
  • 3D interaction with restricted DoF
  • 3D Interaction in Virtual Environments
  • Haptic Interaction
  • Natural Walking Navigation
  • Presence in VE

DIANA Research Group activities take place in the VR & HCI laboratory at the Department of Electronic Technology, ETSI Telecomunicacion, at the University of Malaga.

Past and present projects


Developed tools

hom3r snapshot

  • hom3r. hom3r is a novel 3D viewer for complex hierarchical product models. It implements user-centered interaction mechanisms that deal with occlusion management, navigation and presentation of information linked to 3D geometry. The viewer includes a JavaScript API to interface with existing or new browser-based applications. A demo of the viewer and instructions to download and use is available at http://proyectos.diana.uma.es/hom3r/.



3DTI Toolkit

  • 3D Tune-In Toolkit. The 3DTI Toolkit is a standard C++ library for binaural audio spatialisation and simulation.The Toolkit allows the design and rendering of highly realistic and immersive 3D audio, and the simulation of virtual hearing aid devices and of different typologies of hearing loss. The library includes a real-time 3D binaural audio renderer offering full 3D spatialization for direct and reverb sound, including, customization of listener head radius and specific simulation of far-distance and near-field effects. In addition, spatial reverberation is simulated in real time using a uniformly partitioned. The Toolkit is released open-source under GPL v3 license (the code is available in GitHub https://github.com/3DTune-In/3dti_AudioToolkit).


  • EuroVR (Institutional member) (Represented in the steering committee)
  • AIPO (Represented in the steering committee)