DisReal is a development environment designed to create 3D applications. These 3D applications are loaded in an advanced virtual reality system.



     Multisensory work environments which provides:

   • 3D Vision

   • 3D Sound

   • Force Feedback


  A shutter glasses make possible to get the stereoscopic vision. Furthermore, a robotic arm called Phantom provides the force feedback. With these two devices, Sensegraphics's systems create the illusion that the the virtual objects are physically there.

Sensegraphic Web Site     www.sensegraphics.se



   H3D is a set of libraries designed to work with Sensegraphics inmersive workspaces. These libraries are X3D based and adds information about the force feeback associated with the virtual objects. This is the way used to specify how the user will see and touch the objects in the scene.



   Is the evolution of the Virtual Reality Modeling Language. This language was designed to define and animate virtual environments. The user can move across the virtual scene. Furthermore, the language includes webs utilities that make possible to navigate 3D web pages defined with X3D.

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   Frequently, the interaction between the user and the computer applications occurs through 2D interfaces (the mouse and the monitor).

    This advanced equipment generalizes this situation so the user can see 3D images at the same time he interacts with the applications through a 3D device (Phantom).

   These 3D applications can be defined using the H3D language specified by Sensegrapics.



    DisReal is a development environment designed for creating 3D applications. These 3D applications will be loaded in Sensegraphics workspaces. It is possible to work with the H3D ans X3D specifications simultaneously.

   The word DisReal comes from the spanish expression "DISeños para REalidad virtuAL" (Designs for Virtual Reality). The "dis" prefix indicates negation, for example disagree (in spanish language too). In this way, DisReal would mean "no real" and this fact is related with the concept of Virtual Reality and with DisReal's logotype.

     DisReal includes a great amount of utilities for creating X3D and H3D scenes. These utilities have been designed with an objective, avoid the need to remember the X3D and H3D language's sintax.



   DisReal's main window shows a tree view of the X3D / H3D scene. In this tree view the user can see all the scene's elements and edit them making a double-click on the desired item.

    The window on the left can be used to edit nodes, fields and events . This window is the "Node Editor" and shows a list of all the node's fields. The list includes the field's values so the user can edit them directly. This window is very useful because avoid the need to type and remember the node's fields.

  The window on the right, Tools, provides access to the most frequently used utilities.

    The window on the middle has a double function: To show the scene tree view and the X3D / H3D code.

   The next window allows the user to add nodes to the scene. It shows a node list with all the available elements. To make selecting the desired node easier, the items have an associated icon and are arranged by categories



     DisReal includes a text editor designed to work with X3D and H3D code. It contains a lot of utilities which are detailed in the next points:

X3D / H3D Code Format

  All the code elements, nodes, fields, reserved words, etc. are detected and represented with a diferent font type. In the program's settings the user can choose the font type for each element. This fact has a double advantage. The first is that this utility make understanding the X3D / H3D scene easier. On the other hand, it helps the user to detect errors in the X3D code.

  When the user types a code element correctly, its font type will change and this confirms that the word has been typed correctly.

Multi-File Edition

    It is possible to edit several files simultaneously. This option is very useful in the frequent case of 3D applications which are defined in separated files, for example a X3D file and a script.

Direct Execution

    The edited scene can be loaded directly in the viewer associated with the kind of the current scene (X3D / H3D). The user only has to press a button without the need to save the edited file (a temporal file will be used).

Cursor Marks

  It is possible to save the current cursor position and return to this position lately.


  This utility avoid the need of typing the X3D / H3D language elements. The user can select in a list the node, field or reserved word that he/she wants to insert in the code. It is possible to insert full nodes including the fields with the default values.

AutoText Insertion

    DisReal's editor allows the user to insert predefined code elements. This feature is really usefull while editing scripts. The user can insert full language sentences, for example if, for, try, class sentences, frequent functions, etc. Autotext's Insertion avoids the need to remember the code sentence's syntax.


   DisReal includes an utility which makes X3D and H3D scenes compatibles (to get this, the non compatible elements will be deleted).



   The objects, sounds and textures galleries allow the user to create x3d, wav and png files collections. These files can be inserted in the current scene easy and quickly.


   This feature makes possible to create 3D reliefs using individual elements defined by the user.


   In DisReal's settings window it is possible to create and edit types and nodes. This can be done with the X3D and H3D specificat ion. This feature is very important because it allows DisReal to work with:

• New H3D API versions
• New H3D nodes defined by the user



   DisReal is a proyect developed by the DIANA's research group in the University of Malaga .

       More Information in:   www.diana. uma.es


The DisReal Installer and the DisReal's source code can be downloaded and used freely under the terms and conditions of the GNU license which are detailed in the installer application.

                    DisReal Setup     10.0MB   Download

                               Source Code          1.53MB   Download


   A DisReal version to edit VRML97 and Reachin files does exist. You can request it freely at:




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