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Digital Tools to Support Knowledge Sharing and Cooperation in High-Investment Product-Services

Líneas de Trabajo: Año: 2017
Tipo de publicación: Artículo en conferencia Palabras clave: Knowledge sharing, Cooperation, Manufacturing, Product-Service system
Autores: Aromaa, Susanna; Leino, Simo-Pekka; Reyes-Lecuona, Arcadio; Frangakis, Nikos; Berglund, Jonatan; Bosch, Tim; van Rhijn, Gu; Granholm, Göran
Editor: Stefan Trzcielinski
Título del libro: Advances in Ergonomics of Manufacturing: Managing the Enterprise of the Future. Proceedings of the AHFE 2017 International Conference on Human Aspects of Advanced Manufacturing
Serie: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing Páginas: 235-246
Organización: AHFE Mes: July
ISBN: 9783319604732 ISSN: 2194-5357
The manufacturing industry needs to adapt their product-services to meet customer requirements in today’s rapidly changing markets. This paper presents how technologies can support knowledge sharing and collaboration during product-service processes. This work was part of the European Union Use-it-Wisely project and summaries demonstration results from the project. Six cluster cases from different industry sectors (energy, machinery, space, office workplace, vehicles, and shipbuilding) were developing their tools and processes during the project. Based on the demonstration evaluations, it seems that the Use-it-Wisely project has enabled companies to improve their product-services by using interactive collaborative environments and new business models. Partici‐pants that took part in the demonstrations felt that the new approach makes users’ work easier, provides competitive advantage, facilitates knowledge sharing and decision making, extends the efficient lifecycle of existing machinery and supports sustainable development.
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