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Evaluation Of Different Project Based Learning Designs In An Msc Degree

Líneas de Trabajo: Año: 2014
Tipo de publicación: Artículo Palabras clave: Teamwork, Self-guided learning, MSc degree
Autores: García-Berdonés, Carmen; Molina-Tanco, Luis; Peña Martín, Juan Pedro; García Lagos, Francisco; Joya Caparrós, Gonzalo; Reyes-Lecuona, Arcadio; Trujillo Aguilera, Davinia
Journal: Multidisciplinary Journal for Education, Social and Technological Sciences Volumen: 1
Número: 1 Páginas: 169-186
Mes: March
ISSN: 2341-2593
The design and implementation of different Project Based Learning (PBL) approaches are presented in this paper. All of them were carried out in the framework of the MSc degree in Electronic Systems for Smart Environments from the University of Malaga. Four subjects were developed using different values of the three main parameters of PBL: teamwork, self-guided learning and project complexity. During two academic years, several indicators were used to evaluate these experiences: compliance with subject time schedules, scores obtained for the students, interaction of each student in his team and satisfaction of students with the experiences. Our results encourage the use of PBL in bachelor degrees but, at the same time, confirm that PBL implementation is not a trivial task when projects are complex or when a high level of autonomous learning is required from students. Teamwork difficulties have also been found. So, we discuss the need of reaching a minimum level of proficiency in some key competencies before using PBL.

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