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A forward step in virtual reality

Research Area: Year: 2012
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Authors: de la Rubia Cuestas, Ernesto J.; Díaz Estrella, Antonio
Book title: Proceedings of IADIS CGVCVIP 2012 Conference (Lisbon, Portugal, July 2012)
Pages: 171-174
Virtual Reality systems have not achieved their expected success yet. We can find technological limitations in devices and some human factors issues such as ergonomics aspects, among the major reasons to explain this fact. We think a change in this tendency can be expected in a near future thanks to the quick development of technology. That is why in this paper we present our current work in progress in which we recover some key findings from the state of the art to design and build an improved virtual reality system. To start, we focus on real walking systems. To be specific, we have developed and validated real walking prototypes with novel features such as the use of wireless devices (inertial sensors and head mounted display) and removing movement constraints due to absolute references like those in optical and magnetic tracking systems.

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