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Efficient Use of Voice Activity Detector and Automatic Speech Recognition in Embedded Platforms for Natural Language Interaction

Research Area: Year: 2011
Type of Publication: In Collection
Authors: Santos Pérez, Marcos; González Parada, Eva; Cano García, José Manuel
Publisher: Springer Berlin / Heidelberg
Editor: Pérez, Javier and Corchado, Juan and Moreno, María and Julián, Vicente and Mathieu, Philippe and Canada-Bago, Joaquin and Ortega, Alfonso and Caballero, Antonio
Pages: 233-242
ISBN: 9783642199165
Nowadays people are faced daily with the management of all types of technological devices that have embedded processors inside. The desire of users and the industry is to achieve a natural interaction with these devices. Researchers have spent many years working in spoken dialog systems which are now used in many applications. In these systems it is crucial to achieve correct speech recognition. Usually the largest research effort focuses on the robustness to noise in all kinds of adverse conditions but often the response time is ignored. This paper focuses on a new approach for the efficient use of voice activity detection and speech recognition in embedded devices for natural language interaction. We propose a new approach to adjust the response time of the recognition system to the requirements of the overall implementation without sacrificing too much accuracy.

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